FCB tackles tongue-tied boys for Mum

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FCB has released an emotional and engaging piece of video content – shot in-house at FCB – for Paper Plus in the lead up to Mother’s Day, featuring those who find it hardest to express their emotions most – awkward teenage boys.

Based on this insight, FCB NZ interviewed teenage boys on how they told their mum she is special and found participants struggled to verbalise their answers, providing uncertain responses such as, “I don’t know”, “I don’t really”, and “she just knows, I guess”.

As part of the campaign, FCB then gave the boys the opportunity to write their feelings into a book of their choice, discovering that the boys were able to express their thoughts more freely by writing them down, proving a universal truth that it’s often easier to express yourself through written form than it is to say it.

“An inscription in a book can turn a good gift into something a lot more powerful – it lets us say things we’re often not comfortable to verbalise,” said ECD Tony Clewett.

The video, which has been uploaded to Paper Plus’ Facebook page, has already received more than 1000 likes, 200 shares and 50 comments.

FCB general manager of retail Kamran Kazalbash said he is delighted with the video’s positive reception so far. “We’re stoked with the outcome of this,” he said. “It’s good to show the emotional side of books, and making the client cry is a nice added bonus. So far, it’s been received extremely well.”


Agency: FCB NZ
Regional Executive Creative Director: James Mok
Executive Creative Director: Tony Clewett
Creative Services Director: Jenni Doubleday
Creative: Kimberley Torrie
Creative: Mitchell Crowe
Head of PR, Activation & Social: Angela Spain
Photography / Director Social Videos: Mike Braid
Social Media Campaign Manager: Jessica Edward
Content Producer: Marijana Hart
General Manager Retail: Kamran Kazalbash
Account Director: Hannah Downes
Account Manager: Priya Prasad
Digital Media Director: Steph Pearson
Senior Account Director, PR, Activation & Social: Joanna James
Client: Paper Plus
Campaign: Mother’s Day
Client Name: Lyle Hastings

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