DDB, FCB, UMS, MBM star at NZ Social Media Awards (updated)

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Four New Zealand agencies featured prominently at the New Zealand Social Media Awards, announced in Auckland this morning.

FCB and Water Safety NZ won the Social Good Campaign category for Swim Reaper, MBM Media & Digital won the Product/Service Launch category for Edmonds Cake In A Cup, and indie Chinese digital marketing agency UMS won the International Social Media category for its Taste New Zealand WeChat Loyalty Programme for New Zealand Trade & Enterprise. DDB won Most Creative Use of Platform for its Tiny Trailers work for Sky TV, using Snapchat to showcase the broadcaster’s many different premium content offerings.

FCB Wellington GM Sean Keaney said: “This is a great example of client/agency collaboration and shows what can happen when you get the creative execution and channel bang on.”

Water Safety NZ ceo, Jonty Mills said: “We’re thrilled with the success of our Swim Reaper campaign, particularly within the Social Good category. Our sole motivation was to make a real connection with young Kiwi men and have a positive impact on their decision making and behaviour around water. This campaign wouldn’t have been such a success without the support of ACC and the creative minds at FCB.”

To date the Swim Reaper campaign has received a Merit at The One Show and been shortlisted for the Facebook Awards.

UMS ceo Jessica Miao said: “We are really proud to have our work judged as the best International Social Media campaign. We were nominated among some of Australia and New Zealand’s biggest social media players and we are humbled to have won.”

DDB ceo Justin Mowday said: “Sky is a great partner, willing to try new things and to push the boat out creatively. Snapchat was a perfect platform to reach our younger market, and they loved the content we made.

“It was also huyge fun to create and it worked its sock off.”

The big winner on the night was parenting programme How to DAD, which picked up a swag of category gongs – plus the Supreme Award.


Supreme Award (sponsored by Unitec)
How to DAD. The judges said: Genuine. Hardworking. A hands-on dad on and off camera. He has entertained so many people and has given a voice to dad’s everywhere. Where to next? The Ellen Show, perhaps?

Post of the Year
Alice Brine. The post was shared several million times all over the world and has been translated into different languages. Her message was received around the world as the perfect analogy explaining why victim blaming is ridiculous with the story appearing in DailyMail, Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, Huffington Post and many more.

People’s Choice
Jimi Jackson. The winner is an actor, comedian and filmmaker from Auckland. His raw and authentic presence online has gained him a hugely loyal and engaged audience and has taken his online comedy into the real world with sold-out comedy shows across New Zealand and Australia.

Campaign of the Year
Joint winners

1. ANZ #holdtight: Their goal was to take a Pride campaign in a new direction that continued the evolution of their brand while driving brand consideration and acquisition, particularly in the key Auckland market. This campaign succeeded beyond expectations. This campaign became a powerful rallying call for the LGBTI community in NZ and around the world.

ANZ Head of Marketing: Astrud Burgess
Head of Retail Marketing: Matthew Pickering
Marketing Manager: Katie Thompson
Brand Manager: Erin Dudding
Social Media Marketing Manager: Sara Phillips

2. NZOC Be the Inspiration: The NZ Olympic Committee’s campaign ‘Be The Inspiration’ came to life across our digital platforms. It’s huge success was helped  by the athletes activating and amplifying the campaign to help tell their own story, and as a result the combined story of the New Zealand Olympic Team, friends and family and partners. New Zealanders inspired our athletes, and our athletes in turn inspired New Zealand.

Alex Spence NZOC Digital Manager
Chillbox Creative
Interlike NZ

Rising Star (sponsored by Out of Ink)
How to DAD
This rising star is a classic Kiwi bloke, a dad of 2 beautiful girls, husband to an equally beautiful wife and like most good Kiwi blokes, the owner of a wicked sense of humour and can-do attitude.

Campaign under $20k
Motion Sickness Blunt Umbrellas x Dick Frizzell

In short, this campaign simply went gangbusters. The launch video received 32,000 views in the first 24 hours and the sales began to pick up heat quickly. Within hours, they were watching sales roll in. Within 5 days, they were sold out.

Campaign creative and strategy – Motion Sickness
Campaign execution – Motion Sickness
Video/Photography – Motion Sickness
Product Design – Blunt Umbrellas & Dick Frizzell
Blunt Internal Collaborator- Josh Page (Blunt Global Marketing Manager)
Charity Partner- Oxfam NZ

International Campaign
Joint winners:

1. How to DAD
2. Air NZ How to Fly With a Baby

Jordan Watson Founder – How To Dad
Sarah Campbell – Senior Planner/Talent Manager at BC. Agency

Everyone wants to talk about ‘that video’. You know the one. Lonely Planet saw is as almost educational. Even Ryan Reynolds, yes Deadpool, got in on it.

UMS had a taste of success with a WeChat based loyalty programme for NZ companies and have had an outstanding result with their social campaign.

Maria Hahn – Social Media Manager at Air New Zealand
The rest of the BC. agency team – His biggest fans!
UMS Taste New Zealand

Maxwell Shi – Regional Marketing and communication manager – Greater China – NZTE
Jordi Du – General Manager NZ – United Media Solution Limited
Jessica Miao – Group General Manager – United Media Solution Limited

Product/Service Launch
MBM Media & Digital
Edmonds Cake In A Cup
This product had supermarkets restocking at a super quick rate as consumers wanted to try what they’d seen their fav social influencers create and taste!
Nicola Mongomery, Head of Category: Grocery, Goodman Fielder
Pen Burns, Client Service Director, MBM
Polly Williams, Social Media Specialist, MBM

Creative Use of Platform
DDB – SKY Tiny Trailers
With over 100k in views of their snapchat activity and 94% completion rate, we should raise our glasses to the winner of the Most Creative Use Of Platform Award:
Our tiny trailers were Viewed over 100,000 times.
They had a 94% completion rate for snaps.
SKY TV received a 20% increase in Snapchat followers.
Viewership of key titles up 25% vs year average.

Social Good Campaign
The Swim Reaper
Their black comedy stylings earned him a sizeable audience and after just a couple of months their followers numbered over 18,000!

Community Building and Management
They went from +5000 views per week across their  channels to +1,000,000 views per week towards the end of the year and their documentaries are uplifting, inspiring, and is truly useful for their audience.

Best Social Good Initiative
It’s been said that our next winner truly understands the full scope of disability and how it affects people’s everyday lives whilst also giving a voice to those living with specific disabilities allowing them to show others how they live and thrive despite their challenges.

Brand/Talent Partnership
Joint winners:
This year the outstanding partnerships between talent and brands we so strong. A force to be reckoned with!

1. How to DAD
2. Lotto Father’s Day
Kristina Webb #bemorefanta
The partnership between Kristina Webb – Colour Me Creative and Fanta with the interactive campaign #bemorefanta

Best in Entertainment
Main Main Tian Tan

We know this person for making funny and inspirational videos on social media to brighten people’s day and enhance people’s lives.

Best in Beauty

She’s your go-to guru on Youtube for makeup, beauty, and fashion. She’s  the one you watch while getting ready for a night out on the town, along with her millions of subscribers.

Best in Travel
Jamie’s World on Ice
This Youtuber showcased Antarctica and the incredible work of New Zealand’s Antarctic scientists to 2.3 million organic views.

Best in Parenting
Joint winners:

1. Happy Mum Happy Child
She sees herself as average and says she’s ‘ not special and not pretending to be anything other than herself’’ and it is this authenticity that keeps her audience wanting more.
2. How to DAD
He’d been thinking about doing a ‘how to’ video for ages but never got around to it, until 1 day the wife popped out for coffee and he was left alone with his 2 daughters, a couple of empty boxes of beer, a camera and a healthy imagination.

Best in Fashion
Simone’s Journey to Health
The next winner started their journey in August 2014 and little did she know then that her ‘self-exposing’ would be a major turning point in her life.

Best in Music
Shirley Setia
Social Media has enabled this Indo-Kiwi artist to touch the lives of many round the globe. Only starting 4 years ago creating covers of her favourite songs she now has over 106m views of her YouTube content!

Best in Food
Julia & Libby
These entrepreneurial foodies and published authors have a love of all things that nourish the mind and body and are strong advocates for whole foods.

Best in Sport/Fitness
Team winners: Vodafone Warriors
Outside their regular content, they wanted to breakdown stereotypes and provide social media content that would engage a much wider group of people and deliver it to a high standard.
Tania Tare
After a very successful college golfing career at Florida International University, she was forced to take a break from golf to have surgery on both wrists. On her road to recovery she did not have the strength to return fully to golf, so she started to create golf trick shot videos. These videos become viral sensations with one video being viewed over 20 million times.

Most Social Celebrity
Jess Quinn
The next winner for tonight is a fitness advocate and inspirational influencer in overcoming adversity. Since losing her right leg to cancer at the age of 9, she has refused to let that stand in her way of living life to its fullest with a core passion for helping others overcome their physical and mental setbacks along the way

The social media led campaign, which was made in partnership with ACC, targeted young males as they disproportionately make up more than one third of preventable drownings in New Zealand . As this cynical audience reacts badly to being told what to do, FCB decided to take up a darkly comedic standpoint, under the creative tagline “Swim dumb and you’re done.”

The campaign resulted in an impressive engagement rate of 81% but more importantly contributed to the zero fatalities during the campaign period. The Swim Reaper saved lives by ironically encouraging bad behaviour around water with his black humour.

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