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WELLINGTON, Today: The World Wide Fund for Nature has appointed FCB as its new creative partner in New Zealand. The agency, who won the business following an informal pitch process, will provide the organisation with communication strategy and creative services.

There was no formal incumbent agency – previously, WWF worked with a number of agencies on an ad-hoc basis.

WWF NZ ceo Livia Esterhazy said: “WWF is about impact. We initiated the pitch process with a view to find a long-term agency partner who will help get results for our environment here in Aotearoa.

“It was clear from the get-go that we were most aligned to FCB. Their behavioural change credentials were hugely impressive, as was their proven track record of highly effective campaigns.”

FCB Wellington GM Sean Keaney said: “There’s never been a better, or a more important time, to be working with a like-minded and highly respected organisation such as WWF.

Reading their Living Planet Report was astonishing. Time is running out for our natural environment. A massive shift in the way we live is required now, both here in New Zealand and around the world. We’re excited at the opportunity of supporting WWF in this mission and creating some real behaviour change together.”

“We know that together with FCB, anything is possible.”

Since their appointment in September, FCB has already launched the first piece of work for the organisation around the protection of New Zealand’s marine environment. The objective was to publicise the fact that previous governments have claimed around 30% of New Zealand’s marine environment is protected; whereas less than 1% meets the international scientific standard of a marine protected area.

That campaign comprised of a press ad in the form of an open letter to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern urging her to report accurately when her new government has their first opportunity later this year.

The ad ran nationally in late September as the Prime Minister was on her way to the UN. It asked her to listen to the voices of scientists, mana whenua, NGOs, marine experts and local communities when considering New Zealand’s marine protection, not just fishing industry lobbyists. A second iteration of the ad ran with names of scientists and academics showing their support.

“The results of the campaign have been striking,” says Keaney. Thousands of New Zealanders signed the letter supporting accurate reporting. The story has been picked up in the media, and debate and discussion on the topic has since been rife in various academic, scientific and ministerial circles.”

Livia Esterhazy: “This is the reason we wanted to work with FCB. Finding a way to take a complex issue, distil it down so people can understand it and show their support for our government to take a positive action for our environment – that’s no easy task. We’re thrilled with the results of this work so far and know that together with FCB, anything is possible.”

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