Federer-Nadal helium ad funny – and phony!

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Brisbane radio station Hot 91 appeared to get the context confused when they posted a very amusing video of Roger Federer & Rafael Nadal trying to shoot an ad for a charity tennis match while they were – allegedly – stoned on helium.

There’s no footage of the actual helium hit – but you can hear the gas hissing on the soundtrack, before the tennis stars appear to start cracking up as they try to do a take in high-pitched voices (helium does that).

The video was posted by Business Insider Australia, and picked up by Campaign Brief, B&T and other Aussie media. All outlets, however, appear to have failed to note the youthful look of the stars – clearly much younger than they were at last week’s Australian Open.

Dubbed effects
They all also failed to spot the telltale signs of dubbed effects (the high-pitched voices).

M+AD’s Google search revealed the original (straight) footage of the ad was shot in 2010. Still unanswered is why the 2017 perpetrators even bothered in the first place?

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Original video

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