Fergus tradie software appoints Republik for global work

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AUCKLAND, Today: Fergus Job Software has – without a pitch – appointed full-service Freemans Bay indie Republik to manage its business here in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom.

They’ll be leading brand strategy, creative and all media planning and placement, effective immediately.

Fergus NZ head of marketing Robbie Dunphy said: “Fergus is a very smart software package that helps tradies and service providers around the world manage the costs of running their business, keeping jobs on track and ensuring profitability.

“They are well established here in New Zealand and are focusing their growth on the Australian and recently launched UK markets.

“We’ve previously worked with a number of agencies on both sides of the ditch and in addition, have managed a lot of our activity direct to channel. We’re a sizable operation and we needed to consolidate our creative and media requirements.

“Fergus is well established in NZ and are now focusing their growth on the Australian and recently launched UK markets.”

“Republik were very quickly able to dissect our business challenges and reflecting on their creative and media strategy, it was very compelling and demonstrated a unified approach.

“With such a huge focus on growth, it’s critical that we ensure all aspects of the business are aligned. We want to invest in our creative platform and properly align it with all brand and product communications, ensuring that we’re relevant and that we resonate with our niche audiences. Instantaneously, since bringing them on-board, we’ve seen the added value that Republik can bring from a digital perspective too.”

Republik head of digital Matt Lyne said: “With Fergus being a SaaS [Software as a Service] business, and a heavily performance-based client, we knew that our proprietary digital capabilities could be leveraged to help excel Fergus’ marketing efforts and their growth trajectory.

“We’re thrilled to be able to partner with a client who wants to use our full suite of digital offerings and push the boundaries in that sense. We have some very exciting technology road-maps in place for Fergus that we look forward to rolling out on a global scale and believe the results will quickly speak for themselves.”

Republik director Paul McNamara said: “This is a great appointment for the agency. We were over the moon to get the call from Robbie. There is such a huge opportunity for us to work with Robbie’s team to develop fresh creative and truly demonstrate our digital expertise.”

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