Fine art photographer and AI imager Katya Brook joins Film Construction

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AUCKLAND, Today: Film Construction has signed NZ-based Siberian-born photographer, Katya Brook to its Stills Division. Executive producer: Belinda Bradley said: “With poetic visuals and cinematic vibrancy, Katya’s photography has a devoted and ever-growing audience of fans.

“As an accomplished fine arts photographer and a trailblazer in AI imagery, she is an exciting new voice for commercial photography.

“Born and raised in a multicultural Siberian town near Lake Baikal, Russia, her upbringing in a diverse environment has instilled adaptability and a unique lens on the world.

“Katya began her career at a marketing agency in Moscow with the goal of eventually pursuing her love of photography abroad.

“Fortunately, she chose New Zealand, where she has crafted her photography to become a fresh and compelling new artist.

“Katya is a rare genius with a distinct vision and a beautiful, easy way about her as she works to achieve it.

“I’ve been privileged enough to shoot alongside her and see her in action constantly over the last five or six years – most recently on the side of Aoraki/Mt Cook for a global client in a complex shoot of set pieces that she calmly hit home runs on – she’s the real deal.

“A true global-level art voice with a commercial sensibility that’s instantly recognisable.

“Fortunately, she chose New Zealand, where she has crafted her photography to become a fresh and compelling new artist.”

Si Moore of specialist wedding photographer Bayly & Moore said: “I feel very lucky to have worked alongside her.”

“For Katya, photography and art are her way of exploring and expressing her true self. She seeks to constantly improve her skills, see things from new perspectives, and push herself creatively.”

Belinda Bradley: “Katya finds inspiration in artists such as Goya, Van Gogh, and Agnes Martin. Her work exudes a timeless and otherworldly charm that is truly captivating.

“Her fine art photography has been exhibited at the Image Nation Exhibition in Paris. Her impressive portfolio includes campaigns, look-books, and commercial imagery for renownednames like Hotel Britomart, Kingi, Mina For Her, Walker and Bing, Charlotte Penman, Goodnight My Darling, Foley, NZ Trio, Volvo, Range Rover, and others.

“As an emerging AI artist, Katya spends hours delving into AI processes, exploring the creation of surrealistic worlds influenced by the films of Tarkovsky, Malick, Kar-wai, and Zhang Imou.

“Katya sees these skills as not a replacement but an extension of live capture. A little like Gene Roddenberry’s 1980s holo-deck, where your imagination is your only limitation.”

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