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Marko Klijn – the Ringmaster at Auckland animation savants Cirkus – reports for M+AD from Singapore: Visiting the Suntec Convention Centre for Spikes 2017 gives you that ground hog year feeling when the first point of call is to line up for another Havas double espresso. (We do thank you!)

Personally the venue doesn’t quite do it for me. No doubt the choice of Suntec is the best Singapore business proposition for Haymarket & friends but it lacks soul. The Spikes Organisation regularly tackles the venue’s hangar proposition with a different layout.

This year the work is displayed in a canny maze meandering through the hall. Even if you try, there is no way to avoid the shortlisted entries and end up Meeting Graham.

With this write-up in mind I set myself to try maze walking against the grain and see work I have not seen/read about.

That planned, and our presentation lined up, The Juggler and yours truly head out for a drink.

Every festival needs a must-attend party and Spikes has it’s Legendary Night. The Gem Bar becomes the local gutter bar and a chance to meet and greet the who’s who of the Singapore ad industry, including its Kiwi and Ozzie expats. This is what I do love about this town – you’re never alone!

Having survived the night, Thursday morning is Mad-Daily’s maze strolling day and try not to meet Graham and friends.

“I love ballsy speakers and leave Suntec feeling reassured we’ll be back again in 2018.”

  • Where have I seen this before? The Know the world even without the landmarks for Agoda by O&M Shanghai does stop me as it appeals to my love for trivia.
  • World for all/Adopt a pet is nicely executed showing there’s always room for more.
  • The 3D billboard for JBL’s noise-cancelling headphones features wonderful and funny character design – a proposition well presented.
  • The Thai Lego Build The Future campaign stands out and naturally appeals to me.
  • The Unusual Football Field is a great idea. Somehow the general evasive description of the approach and the top shot pics on display makes us question whether this is the real thing? Why not go to ground level and show me kidz playing on these awesome football pitches to sell the idea? Or is this still to be executed? This leaves me both intrigued and confused.
  • Dead Whale for Greenpeace Philippines by Dentsu is most certainly real and I love it. Granted, rubbish sculpting is not new but there’s just too much of it. Additionally, considering it’s immaculate execution and the target country this is a relevant piece.
  • Snaplications – VML’s campaign for Maccas using 10 seconds Snapchat video job interviews for the young is a nice use of the first impression counts. If this actually worked for applicants that otherwise wouldn’t have made the cut because of their limited CV, that ‘s great use of the platform.
  • McCann India’s Immunity Charm for Afghanistan is clever and I believe the speakers’s assertions on stage that it’s working.

Just as I head out on the last day Ian McKee of Volcanic tells us we’ll be out of a job soon as Blockchain will break advertising.

I love ballsy speakers and leave Suntec feeling reassured we’ll be back again in 2018 telling people how to make things look not the same AGAIN.

PS: Oh yes. Graham. Mate! Well done.

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