Firth and Quantum Jump unveil the worst kept secret

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AUCKLAND, Today: For years, some Kiwi architects and builders have held a secret that meets new H1 thermal standards without compromising design. Firth HotEdge® slab insulation is that secret for creating healthier Kiwi homes.

Firth has partnered with Quantum Jump to bring this secret to the wider construction industry. The ad campaign includes secret interviews with industry insiders who reveal the advantages of HotEdge®. Surprisingly, it also unveils the identities of these insiders.

“The Building Code is constantly evolving to improve the quality of New Zealand’s housing stock and the changes to H1 support this. Firth has developed a range of HotEdge® insulation systems for slab foundations to assist architects and builders in creating healthier homes for Kiwis. All while helping maintain design integrity and reducing product installation time and costs,” says Wade Hargreaves, Firth’s Senior Product Marketing Manager.

“The campaign is themed around relatable personas in the industry who have been exploiting this secret knowledge for the last 5 plus years.”


“Quantum Jump have elevated the product insight for each audience and produced a campaign with intrigue and excitement around HotEdge®,” continued Hargreaves.

“This is a really unique way of getting the attention of the construction industry and letting them know that, with Firth HotEdge®, we’re helping them deliver on design and quality to make healthier homes for their clients.”

“Instead of showcasing the product directly, we tapped into the industry’s curiosity about their peers’ covert ability to meet the new regulations, all while maintaining a semblance of design freedom.

“The campaign is themed around relatable personas in the industry who have been exploiting this secret knowledge for the last 5 plus years,” commented Wayne Pick, Creative Partner. “Thankfully, they’re just a bit rubbish at keeping it to themselves.”

The campaign begins with a teaser phase, sparking industry curiosity. It then moves into the launch phase, featuring the whistle-blower films and digital retargeting.

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  • Further information: Ben Goodale, Quantum Jump – 021 541 315


Fletcher Building Concrete Division (Firth)
PJ Morris: Head of Marketing and Insight, Concrete Division
Wade Hargreaves: Senior Product Marketing Manager
Julieta Ayala: Digital & Brand Manager, Concrete Division

Quantum Jump
Wayne Pick: Creative Partner
Drew Ayers: Creative Partner
Justin Biddle: Digital & Production
Helen McGrath: Group Business Director
Jess Christie: Account Manager
Craig Murray: Motion Graphics
David Yetton: Producer
Ben Goodale: CEO

Contagion (Media)
Kali Pentecost: Senior Digital Strategist/Manager
Mitchell Everest: Digital Media Manager

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