Fish shoots global BMW campaign in downtown Auckland

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Auckland City is the dynamic backdrop for a newly released global BMW campaign. Flying Fish produced the shoot in January for German production company Czar and hotshot Scandinavian director Martin Werner.

The film was shot at a quiet time of the year with many holidaymakers out of the city. “It was not,” says Fish MD James Moore, “without a few niggles along the way which come with most big shoots.

“But with a lot of streets in turmoil due to the Britomart extension, it made for some interesting logistical challenges.

“Hats off to Ateed and Film Auckland who alongside the obvious challenges made the filming process a pleasure. It was no mean feat negotiating the best inner-city shooting angles; and owning the harbour bridge via an impressive early morning rolling blockade”

Martin Scorsese’s celebrated, Oscar nominated cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto (Wolf Of Wall Street, Argo, Brokeback Mountain, Babel, Passengers, Silence, 21 Grams, 8 Mile) was flown in to shoot the campaign.

“Having Rodrigo work with us was an absolute highlight, although most of us wanted to know more about the infamous closeup scene between Margot and Leo in Wolf of Wall Street …” Moore said.


Agency: Serviceplan International Hamburg
Client: BMW
Production Company: Czar/Flying Fish
Director: Martin Werner
Executive Producer Czar/Jan Fincke
Executive Producer Fish: James Moore
Producer Czar: Niko Maronn
Producer Fish: Scott Donaldson
Cinematographer: Rodrigo Prieto

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