Flying Fish adds comedy directors to its roster

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AUCKLAND, Today: Flying Fish has added comedy directors Sam Kristofski & Jesse James McElroy to its talent roster. Fish EP Sam Attenborough said: “Not to be confused with a train-robbing outlaw or an Intergalactic Spaceman. These guys are legit.

“Jesse James wanted us to share that he would chance to shoot everything in the back lot of a Clint Eastwood film set, but can be flexible.

“And yes we did ask to see his driver’s license to prove his self-acclaimed moniker. Apparently it’s legit and he really is Clint Eastwood’s adopted son. Clint doesn’t know this yet, and is not long for this world so Jesse would prefer to keep it under wraps.

“Starting his career out as an editor at an [unnamed] ad agency ignited his real passion, so he decided to throw in the Apple C, Apple V for some Action and Cut.

“Since leaving it all on the cutting room floor, Jesse has since put his comedic directing stamp on multiple big brand campaigns and donning the steps of many award shows.”

“And yes – we did ask to see his driver’s license to prove his self-acclaimed moniker.”

“Jesse’s comedy spot for Combantrin was celebrated with a Cannes Lion. He has directed commercials for international clients including Kelloggs, Volkswagen, MasterCard and Unilever, Great Southern Bank, Philo, Catch, Dabble and Bankwest.

“Sam Kristofski, which means energy, stimulator; claims he inspired the ‘bone scene’ from Space Odyssey, where the camera follows the bone as it spins through the air, then the shot cuts to a satellite in space.

“It’s quite possibly cinema’s most iconic match cut.

“Sam is otherwise represented by Iconoclast for further global representation and has won an Emmy for his LA Kings spot in 2019. He’s directed commercials for Coca-Cola, Maison Margiela, Uniqlo, Visa, Pepsi, Parrotdog Beer, Skinny, Mentos, Allbirds, The Louvre and Global Work Japan.

“But look, instead of asking Chat GBT what they think, why don’t you check it out for yourselves …”

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