Fish&Clips signs musivid maestro

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Kiwi music video production company Fish&Clips has engaged Blaine Stevenson joining the crew as head of music videos. “As well as being a fulltime frother for music – having attended 50-plus live gigs in the last year – Blaine brings with him production and management experience from across both sides of the ditch,” says Fish&Clips MD James Moore (who’s also MD at Flying Fish).

“Blaine most recently worked with The Social Cub as a business development executive – a career highlight was producing the Late Night Breakfast and the Alternative Commentary Collective alongside Jeremy Wells, Leigh Hart and other rip snorters,” Moore said.

“Blaine has taken the reigns as lead on the Music Vision division at Fish&Clips and is pumped to start working with NZ and International artists. “Music videos are an important component in reaching TV and online audiences; they add another layer to how music is experienced and take you on a heightened sensory journey.”

Fish&Clips was originally set up in 2002 as a dedicated music video production company, and has produced over 400 music videos for local and international artists. 

“We’re incredibly fortunate in New Zealand as we’re one of the few countries to receive public funding for music videos,” Moore said.

“Music videos are important in our culture because they allow our directors to operate in a different creative forum where there is no leash on their creativity.”

“Fish&Clips are known for their premium work and we’ve been very happy to see them produce so many great music videos for New Zealand artists over the years.

NZ On Air head of music David Ridler said: “I’m looking forward to working with Blaine in his exciting new role and to see what excellent content the team can create for NZ artists in future.

“Music videos are an important part of our culture because they give our directors a chance to operate in a different creative forum where there is no leash on their creativity. We’ve always produced music videos throughout New Zealand and Australia, with the end goal to be able offer up a music video bundle whilst they’re here on tour.”

About Fish&Clips
Since its inception Fish&Clips has opened its offering to advertising agencies for all forms of content and provides a platform for up-and-coming directors, producers and crew to cut their teeth on a multitude of varying content.

“While Fish&Clips has its own roster of fledgling and experienced directors, we’re always on the lookout to foster new talent, and we invite directors from all skill levels to direct music videos,” says James Moore.

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