Five debut in top 100 global brands list

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Five brands – Amazon, Lego, PayPal, MINI, Moët & Chandon and Lenovo – have entered Interbrand’s 16th annual Best Global Brands top 100 for the first time.

Apple and Google hold the #1 and #2 spots, and tech brands comprise more than a third of the entire ranking’s value.

“Interbrand’s Best Global Brands ranking is an iconic piece of marketing research, respected around the world by growth-oriented business leaders and brand-builders,” says DDB Group’s Interbrand NZ managing director Mark Jenner.

“The global lessons gleaned from this year’s report are as applicable in New Zealand as they are abroad.”

Valued at US$170.276 billion, Apple increased its brand value by 43%, while Google (valued at $120.314 billion) increased its brand value by 12%. Microsoft (#4) edged ahead of IBM (#5), and Amazon (#10) climbed into the Top 10 for the first time with a brand value of $37.948 billion.

Five new brands entered this year’s ranking: Lego (#82), PayPal (#97), MINI (#98), Moët & Chandon (#99), and Lenovo (#100). Lenovo is the second Chinese brand to appear on the Best Global Brands ranking. The first was Huawei (#88), which entered the ranking in 2014.

Technology and automotive brands dominate this year’s ranking, holding a combined 28 positions. Technology brands, in particular, dominate—collectively making up more than a third (33.6%) of the total value of all 100 brands.

“Many of the brands in this year’s Top 100 are so intuitively aligned with people’s priorities, that they are able to seamlessly integrate into their everyday lives,” said Jez Frampton, Interbrand’s global ceo.

The Top 10

  1. Apple ( +43%)
  2. Google (+12%)
  3. Coca-Cola (-4%)
  4. Microsoft (+11%)
  5. IBM (10%)
  6. Toyota (+16%)
  7. Samsung (0%)
  8. GE (-7%)
  9. McDonald’s (-6%)
  10. Amazon (+29%)

Top Risers

  1. Facebook (#23, +54%)
  2. Apple (#1, +43%)
  3. Amazon (#10, +29%)
  4. Hermès (#41, +22%)
  5. Nissan (#49, +19%)

New Entrants

  • Lego (#82)
  • PayPal (#97)
  • MINI (#98)
  • Moët & Chandon (#99)
  • Lenovo (#100)

Interbrand’s 16th annual ranking identifies the 100 most valuable global brands by analysing the many ways a brand benefits an organisation – from delivering on customer expectations to driving economic value. Interbrand’s Best Global Brands methodology was the first brand valuation method to become ISO certified.

The ranking is based on a combination of attributes that contribute to a brand’s cumulative value:

  • The financial performance of the branded products and services
  • The role the brand plays in influencing customer choice
  • The strength the brand has to command a premium price or secure earnings for the company

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