Studio Unlimited launches first Flicks brand campaign, solving the what-to-watch dilemma

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AUCKLAND, Thursday: Homegrown cinema and streaming guide Flicks has been helping Kiwis find something good to watch for more than 15 years, and it’s celebrating its rising global popularity with its first-ever brand campaign.

Developed by Auckland agency Studio Unlimited and directed by Kiwi comedian and filmmaker Tom Furniss, the ad has already reached over 2 million views since launch in early January.

The campaign is targeted at audiences across NZ, Australia, and the UK, corresponding with the Flicks websites in those markets.

It’s currently live across Cinema, YouTube, Podcasts, Social and Display.

Flicks ceo/co-founder Paul Scantlebury said: “It’s a humorous, if rather extreme, take on the common pain point of not knowing how to find something you and your partner both want to watch.

“It may be Kiwi humour, developed by a team of locals, but it’s something that translates extremely well.”

“In the full 30-second version, the screen couple’s disagreement over viewing habits leads to increasingly unpleasant consequences.

“It may be Kiwi humour, developed by a team of locals, but it’s something that translates extremely well.

“Audiences in the UK and Australia will be equally familiar with the universal struggle of agreeing what to watch with your partner – something the creative team have captured perfectly.

“We’re thrilled at how well it’s being received.

“An increased focus on streaming movies and shows over the past few years has seen Flicks’ user numbers continue to grow across all markets. Flicks Australia continues to grow rapidly and having launched Flicks UK in 2021, January 2023 looks set to break a new record with 2.1M unique visitors globally.

“The release landscape is changing. There’s never been so much brilliant content available and so many ways to watch it. Our campaign perfectly sums up our laser focus, which is helping our users find something to watch, and where they can watch it – without losing everything!” says Scantlebury.


Creative Agency: Studio Unlimited
Creative Director: Sam Currie and Tony Masterantonio
Director: Tom Furniss
Marketing Lead: Tina Chou (Flicks)

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