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AUCKLAND, Today: The things that matter to me are summed up by Te Whare Tapa Wha – all the pillars of my life are balanced,” writes Jethro Gardner in the latest weekly Phan Mail (always a good quick read).

“Those four pillars are …

  1. my physical body
  2. my spirit
  3. my mental wellbeing
  4. my whanau and friends

“When all are operating harmoniously, my temple/whare/body are upheld right and strong.

“My ambition as a kid was always to fly. I dreamed all day about having superpowers.

“Reality check. My first job after school was at Gloria Jean’s.”

“Flat whites and chocolate brownies couldn’t hold me for long, however. After a few years working for the US Government in New Zealand, and a stint in media sales in Sydney, I spent seven months ‘funemployed’. Then I saw the Phantom job ad.

“My job is senior account manager which is a wankery way of saying that I have sold my soul to Sales. 

This is so appropriate for my extrovert self because I meet, wine and dine with great people, who all give me validation just by saying how cool I am, and of course they love dealing with me, and I them.

“In all seriousness, I nag people to spend money with Phantom … and it works.

“My job is senior account manager – which is a wankery way of saying that I have sold my soul to Sales.”

“I came to Phantom Billstickers because I was seven months into being funemployed and while I was applying for jobs, nothing screamed Jethro, until I read the most refreshing job ad ever.

“It was hook, line and sinker when I read the line, ‘We don’t do corporate bullshit’. Ten months later and I’m sitting in front of my laptop in gym gear. I love it.

“Some of the great posters I’ve seen recently include the ones for the Energy & Efficiency Conservation Authority. Bright creative to encourage this generation to think about their footprint.

“Then there’s Smirnoff 100 Days of Cocktails on Phantom’s Digital Super in Ponsonby. A different cocktail every day for 100 days! Who’s thirsty?

“I wish clients knew about the commitment and work that goes into getting posters up all around the nation every week. There are an incredible group of people at Phantom who are detailed, committed and genuinely want the best out of every campaign. Thank you!

Got a cool one?
“Got a cool new campaign, summer event or compelling cause you want to communicate? Promote it to millions of New Zealanders from Northland to Invercargill via Phantom frames.

And if you’ve been meaning to book your vaccine but haven’t quite got round it, you know what to do. It’s the key to a carefree summer of festivals, gigs and meet-ups.

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