Forsyth Barr stadium from worry to champion

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It cost millions more than ratepayers would have liked but local love and rugby marketing have made it Dunedin’s latest pride and joy. The Forsyth Barr stadium seems to be working. For a start it’s been voted in the world’s top 10.

Ratepayers might moan but rates Dunedin’s stadium as number nine in the world.

Allianz Arena – Munich, Germany
San Siro – Milan, Italy
Michigan Stadium – Ann Arbor, Michigan
Camp Nou – Barcelona, Spain
Bird’s Nest – Beijing, China
Olympic Stadium – London, England
Providence Park – Portland, Oregon
AT&T Stadium – Arlington, Texas
Forsyth Barr – Dunedin, New Zealand
Stadion Energa – Gdansk, Poland

For the list of the best 20 stadia scroll down.

Dunedin people still wonder about the reported $260-million price for the covered indoor stadium but Dunedin marketing student, Mike Burgess says it’s all about the Oscar Wilde saying: There’s only one thing in life worse than being talked about is not being talked about.

Burgess says it’s worked because we are talking about it and the stadium is being used for a variety of purposes.

“Dunedinites have complained about the cost of the stadium. Some here see it as a white elephant. But it seems like it’s making a name for itself. For the past few years, the stadium has helped put Dunedin on the map for most New Zealanders. Many locals hate it but at least everyone knows about it.”

This is where Burgess says marketing has worked for the stadium and Dunedin:  “I believe this is a marketing win. For a start the Dunedin Forsyth Barr Stadium is making a name for itself. Everyone in New Zealand knows about it and rugby fans all over the world have seen it.

“Instead of just being for rugby the Forsyth Barr stadium has transformed itself into an arena hosting concerts like Elton John. Even better we can enjoy using it every Sunday for the best local market.

“The stadium is a perfect sheltered area to host different events for the city. Dunedin is not famous for its sun so of course it’s a good idea. Everyone is kept away from the icy cold southerly and can enjoy their time in the stadium.”

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