The Foundations of Advertising & Media Class of 2022 (Updated)

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AUCKLAND, Today: Last night (Wednesday) saw the culmination of three months of hard work for the students enrolled on the Comms Council Foundations of Advertising & Media Course when this year’s cohort came together for a final night of presentations and celebrations.

The 41 participants from agencies in Auckland and Wellington worked in groups throughout the course to deliver assignments on a range of industry topics which were presented in pre-specified formats such as podcasts, guidebooks, and videos.

On the final night, managers, colleagues, friends and family were given the opportunity to see a condensed 10-minute presentation summarising their work. 

Comms Council ceo Simon Lendrum said: “I’ve attended this course for a number of years, and tonight we’ve seen some of the best work to date.

“I’ve attended this course for a number of years, and tonight we’ve seen some of the best work to date.”

“The commitment and engagement can clearly be seen through the work, we’ve seen some great thinking with intelligent insights and a raft of wonderfully crafted creative ideas.”

About the Foundations of Advertising & Media Course
The course has been running for 10 years and is designed to cover the fundamentals of the advertising and media agency world.

Each week the participants visit different agencies and hear from industry experts on topics such How to Make Money and The Art and Science of the Brief.

Not only does the course provide young people starting out in the industry a thorough grounding in the fundamental disciplines of advertising and media, but it also offers the opportunity to work and build relationships with their peer group and develop friendships that can last a career.

Dates of next year’s course will be released shortly.

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