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AUCKLAND, Today: Ponsonby-based ad-tech and creative indie agency We are Frank has joined forces with NZ software solutions company Double Yolk after Frank founder Benjamin Searancke purchased a 15% stake.

Double Yolk – a software & mobile app start-up that’s building an international market from a base in downtown Auckland – has reportedly been valued at $2.3 million after just 12 months of business. 

“We haven’t emptied the piggy bank just yet but our goals to broaden our capabilities and deepen our technology offering should be clear through this investment,” said Searancke.

Double Yolk is known for its bespoke digital solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs. With a focus on innovation and relentless customer service, Double Yolk has assisted over 40 customers in NZ, Australia, Singapore and the UK to bring their ideas to market this year alone.

Founder Jack Coleman said: “With over 20 full-time developers Double Yolk are able to take a concept through to deployment with great speed and agility.

“We’re also investing in a first-class human. Jack Coleman is young, hungry – and smarter than me.”

“It’s an exciting phase in our journey. We Are Frank are evolving quickly in the digital advertising sector and Ben’s guidance will encourage us to further push the boundaries.

“We’ve worked on a number of projects together already over the last six months and the synergies between the businesses are strong. We are Frank are redefining how digital infrastructure can play a role in the marketing funnel and aren’t afraid to challenge the norm.”

Searancke said: “Jack and his team have done an incredible job already and I’m not here to change anything. As a business, we are continuously innovating – not just in the advertising banner but more and more we’re finding new platforms to connect brands with their customers,”.

“A strong pillar for the leading ad-tech agency is to build creatively-led platforms from online infrastructure to mobile apps and bespoke web solutions.

“Double Yolk gives us an immediate resource, expertise and technology to offer robust solutions that integrate the ‘bricks and mortar world’ with the ‘digital world.’

“We’re also investing in a first-class human in regards to Jack Coleman. He’s young, hungry and smarter than me – working with Jack has been inspiring to say the least. I’m looking forward to what 2020 brings.”

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