Kiwi freelance creative strategist takes Apex to the streets

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Privately owned Apex Insurance New Zealand has launched a brand-building/identity refresh, created by freelance Auckland creative social strategist/copywriter Kit Lawrence, a graphics nominee at this year’s Best Awards.

The Risk It All campaign really resonated with me because Apex is a NZ business and we understand the trials and tribulations of being a NZ business owner,” said Apex MD James McGhie.

“They know that business is all about embracing risk and having a can-do attitude, never walking away from a problem.

“For business owners, when others say it can’t be done they say ‘We’ll work on it’.

“So Apex celebrate risk and support business owners that risk it all. For them it’s all about understanding, not running for the hills. They don’t run away from risk, they embrace it, with a firm handshake.”

“Recently I’ve been creative director on a project that plays to a word creatives are familiar with, and are loathe to hear – risk. Rarely, however, does it come from a client, as in “We want to take one!”

Apex Insurance are forward thinking, highly specialised people. Whether you’re a celebrity chef, tech startup, or international marine transporter they back big dreamers and risk takers in all fields.

“Working closely with Phantom Billstickers, we picked the largest format, prime locations around Auckland CBD over a month, popping up each week.”

“Our conversations began around brand perception and how to disrupt it. My tag line came as a challenge to clients and company in an industry that – ironically but understandably – tends to err on the side of caution.

“First, the teaser. The Risk It All tagline speaks directly to the Apex mantra of having the conversations that other insurers won’t or don’t.

“Working closely with Phantom Billstickers, we picked the largest format available, prime locations around Auckland CBD over a month, popping up each week. As the locations move so does the potential audience engagement.”

Then, the reveal
“Images of those who put it all on the line, whether pushing their bodies to new heights or developing the next generation of cutting edge tech, they risk it all in pursuit of their dream.

“The images used are subtle, a bit gorgeous, and from photographing them this week I noticed passersby often stopped to take them in. Witnessing others notice your work is a feeling I never get tired of enjoying. Too many print works cannot be read from the other side of the street. To me that’s a wasted opportunity to turn heads.

“There’s more to come with this one, watch this space.”


Client: Apex Insurance
MD: James McGhie
Strategy/Creative Direction/Copywriting: Kit Lawrence

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