FreeviewPlus kills the living-room deathtrap

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TVNZ Blacksand has created a series of TVCs, which aim to encourage viewers to take On Demand viewing to their big screen TVs with FreeviewPlus.

The campaign takes a humorous look at the painful and unnecessary lengths viewers are often forced to go to when watching On Demand, be it crowding around a tablet or phone or wrestling with a tangle of cords and creating living-room deathtraps just to connect a laptop to the TV.

With the help of new mentor, comedian and actor Chris Parker (of Hudson & Hall, No More Dancing in the Good Room etc.), the spots call for On Demand-loving Kiwis to “get it together” with FreeviewPlus, enjoying their favourite On Demand shows in the best way possible – on their TVs, all free to view – and saying goodbye to awkward viewing setups in the process.

Freeview general manager Sam Irvine says the biggest challenge for the new campaign was breaking through to consumers who might be inclined to dismiss the new service as just more of the same for Freeview.

“Obviously, Freeview has been around for a number of years, so for some people there’s a feeling that they already know everything we have to offer. We needed to find a way to simply and effectively communicate the point of difference for FreeviewPlus.

“The fact that it gives you ‘On Demand on your TV – subscription free’ had to be front and centre.

“Blacksand have done an awesome job bringing this to life in a really fun and relatable way. Chris is incredibly talented and brings a fantastic energy to his work; it’s great to have him heading up the new campaign. We’re delighted with the result.”

Blacksand’s Jamie Lawrence said: “We wanted to play on the humour that’s inherent in these ridiculous setups. They’re the norm for so many people when it comes to viewing On Demand.

“We hope people have a laugh and realise that it doesn’t have to be this way any more, thanks to FreeviewPlus.”

The 15” and 30” TVCs, which launched yesterday (Sunday 28 February), will be supported across a range of channels, including digital, social and in-store.


TVNZ Blacksand

ECD Jens Hertzum
Writer/Director: Jamie Lawrence
CD: Shannon Addison
Project Manager: Haley Booth
Integration Executive: Kayla Radich
Producer: Bridget Bolton-Riley
Production Coordinator: Giverny Teves
Director (How To Videos): Adam King
Graphic Designer: Charlotte Corrigall
Editor: Gary Young

Third Party

DOP: Dave Cameron
Photography: Spid
Art Director: Angus Kerr


General Manager: Sam Irvine
Marketing Manager: Bel Wang
Technology Manager: Tim Diprose

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