From adbiz to drinks-biz – The Better Drinks Co to distribute No Ugly products

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AUCKLAND, Today: Wellness tonic No Ugly – a brand formed by ad people who applied their advertising and FMCG marketing experience to create a compelling brand story and a new distribution model – has formed a relationship with The Better Drinks Co so that both parties can capitalise on a rapidly growing trend in functional beverages.

Since Jo and Aaron Taylor launched No Ugly in December 2017, the company has punched well above its weight to gain a foothold in the functional beverage category, rapidly growing distribution to 150 stores across New Zealand and across Auckland via a unique subscription service. 

This agreement will see the distribution of No Ugly increase to 3000 stockists across New Zealand. 

“The relationship has significant benefits to both parties,” said No Ugly founder Aaron Taylor.

“The functional beverage category is growing rapidly on the back of demand for drinks that are better for you but still taste great.

“The functional beverages market is growing at a phenomenal rate so this relationship is great for both of our businesses, as it helps us to grow our distribution while giving The Better Drinks Co access to a new product that cuts through the clutter from a marketing perspective.

“However, the quality of the product and the No Ugly approach to marketing are only part of the equation. 

“From day one No Ugly has operated a unique Swappa crate system where 100% of the bottles sold through this subscription-based service are reused.

“This new approach to creating a more sustainable model has been crucial to the early success of No Ugly and was an important factor in The Better Drinks Co choosing to enter in to an agreement with No Ugly.

“Jo Taylor (née Underdown) worked at Colenso, and is now at Shine. Aaron Taylor is ex Saatchi & TBWA – and led the Tui Yeah Right campaigns.”

The Better Drinks Co head James Connelly said: “Taking the ugly parts out of the drinks industry is one of the big goals of The Better Drinks Co and we see No Ugly as a key brand in helping us do this.

“From launching the brand with a unique distribution and recycling processes to developing a new and really delicious range of functional beverages No Ugly have been innovative in their approach from day one.

“We can’t wait to roll up our sleeves and apply some of the practices No Ugly have developed to our brands while at the same time using our networks and relationships to increase the availability of No Ugly in New Zealand and our off-shore markets.”

No Ugly will continue to operate the Swappa crate and e-commerce channels as well as well as the manufacturing and marketing of all No Ugly products.

The arrangement kicked off on 1 May.

Both of the No Ugly founders are current or ex-adland people.

Jo Taylor (née Underdown) worked at Colenso BBDO, and is now at Shine. Aaron Taylor is ex Saatchi & Saatchi and TBWA – and lead the Tui Yeah Right campaigns.

About No Ugly
Five years ago, No Ugly founders Jo and Aaron Taylor woke up. Everything they were doing was lop-sided. And in today’s fast-paced world it’s easy to get that way. With an enthusiastic lust for life, it was too easy to over-indulge. And we all know that over indulgence hinders performance, affects mood and limits our ability manage stress.

So they changed. That change wasn’t extreme, more like better awareness of what makes a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Especially because they have four very active kids, two big jobs and a swag of friends teasing them with temptation on a daily basis.

Exercise became habitual but so too did good nutrition. The lightbulb moment was when they felt all wellness brands were boring, a bit worthy and didn’t reflect who they wanted to be. So they invented No Ugly. A brand with a higher purpose, a spunky attitude and a clear functional benefit – to help people get back to gorgeous in no time.

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