From pints to posters

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AUCKLAND, Thursday: As a qualified florist who’s owned her own business and who also spent eight years in the beer industry, Yoannah (Yoyo) Dieudonné has a pretty good grasp of what makes a commercial operation tick.

“Which is just as well, because she’s our commercial manager,” writes a Phan Mai editor in the latest issue.

“Yoyo joined the Phantom team this year to help keep all our balls in the air and add some shiny new ones,” he/she wrote.

Dieudonné: “Before joining Phantom Billstickers I spent eight years in the beer industry, so it’s an interesting change for me.

“But I’m delighted to be enjoying a cold one now rather than trying to sell them!

Think-big attitude
“When I think about great posters, The Boys campaign comes to mind. It was the campaign that drew me to apply for the role here. 

“I’m delighted now to be enjoying a cold one now – rather than trying to sell them!”

“The think-big attitude and clever execution was inspiring. I love the idea of combining traditional formats with ambitious physical or digital content – any campaigns that take this approach excite me.”

“I’m a qualified florist and in a previous life had my own business. Maybe when the time is right, I’ll spark that up again as a side hustle. My partner and I are also currently in the development stages of setting up our own online vintage store, so watch this space!

Red, red wine
“Outside work I like experimenting with new recipes with a glass of red while listening to vinyl. The best part is you get to enjoy the new creations at the end.

“I have big goals to grow and diversify our site portfolio in a productive and sustainable way. Oh, and finally perfecting a Beef Wellington.”

The editor sums up: “The Commercial Manager role intersects with almost every aspect of the business at Phantom, from site location scouting to installation, all while considering how the sales team can book the sites and how the production team can build them.

“Alongside this is making sure our site owners are well informed and new relationships are ignited.

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