Sports photographer Devon Krige shoots for a new scene at Film Construction

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AUCKLAND, Today: Film Construction is thrilled to have Devon Krige, a world-class photographer, join their photographic lineup. Krige’s distinct commercial photography style brings a fresh perspective with his remarkable action and lifestyle shots.

He’s not just a photographer; he’s an innovator hailing from South Africa. Now in Australasia, he brings a vibrant portfolio filled with high-profile names and big brands, showcasing his ability to merge creative vision with commercial appeal.

Krige stands out for his unique approach to photography, finding beauty in imperfection and valuing authentic, raw moments. “Perfection is boring,” Krige states, emphasising his pursuit for original, unguarded moments.

“Perfection is boring! I’m always on the lookout for that unguarded, fresh moment that bursts with originality.” – Devon Krige

Film Construction’s Executive Producer, Belinda Bradley, is excited for Krige to join the team. She admires his blend of humour, action, and character, which complements their ethos of challenging norms. “We are thrilled to have him on board,” she says, anticipating innovative collaborations.

Krige’s work in sports and action photography is notable, but his ability to capture a variety of subjects speaks to his versatility as an image maker. His dedication to exploring different facets of photography makes him an asset.

Finally, Krige’s move to New Zealand marks a new chapter for him and Film Construction. Both parties are eager for the creative partnerships that lie ahead. “We look forward to the creative collaborations that will unfold,” Belinda concludes.

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