‘Fuck them – we have champagne!’

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French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has released its latest magazine following the terrorist attacks in Paris with a cover that depicts a man riddled in bullet holes drinking champagne.

The cover capition reads: “They have weapons. Fuck them, we have champagne.”

Always irreverent and stridently non-conformist in tone, the publication describes itself as secular and atheist.

It has a history of provoking controversy among Muslims by publishing caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed, resulting earlier this year in the publication being raided by Muslim radicals, who shot and killed 12 staffers, including editor Stéphane Charbonnier.

The current editor Laurent Sourisseau survived the attack by pretending to be dead.

In the latest issue, Sourisseau, also known as Riss, compares Paris today with London in 1940 in an editorial.

“Blood and tears, prophesied Churchill,” Sourissea writes. “That’s where we are. Without realising it, the Parisians of 2015 have sort of become the Londoners of 1940, determined not to yield, neither to fear nor to resignation, whatever catches them off-guard.

“Avoiding the pitfall of division should not make us renounce the right to criticise religion on the pretext that its exercise is sometimes irritating. Among all the basic freedoms that make up our lives, it is also this freedom that the killers wanted to eliminate.”

The translation is courtesy of Agence France-Press.

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