McDonald’s sweet organic reach

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McDonald’s, along with agency partners Fuse and OMD, have disrupted the theme that organic reach is dead. A Facebook post that went live on Sunday 1 July has gone viral reaching over 2.8 million people within and outside New Zealand.

The post plays on a popular meme where a sentence is interrupted by the opposite of what is actually happening in the image. “The post proves that sharing Chicken McNuggets with friends is in fact the perfect dinner party,” suggests Fuse’s Gina McKinnon.

“Who doesn’t want a sweet’n sour fondue!”

Currently organic reach is equating to a total of 96.7% with the small amount of spend behind the post making up the other 3.3%.

The post also has a 21.1% engagement rate, well above the industry standard of 2-3%. “With over 90,000 comments the sentiment is overwhelming positive with audiences across the world losing their minds,” McKinnon says. “Obviously!”

“This illustrates that Facebook is not only a broadcast channel but a medium where you can get fantastic engagement if the content is right.

“Chicken McNuggets all round?”


Client: McDonald’s NZ
Director of Marketing: Jo Mitchell
Head of Marketing: Liz Wilson
Head of Communications: Simon Kenny
Agency: Fuse
Head of Fuse: Gina McKinnon
Senior Social Media Director: Zoe Virtue
Social Media Manager: Hannah Roberts
Social Media Executive: Taylor Armstrong
Senior Creative: Jay McDaniel
Intermediate Creative: Sam Reddington
Junior Creative: Dylan Davies
Agency: OMD
Business Director: Jennifer Hilliar
Digital Director: Scott Allan
Senior Programmatic Specialist: Sam Burns

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