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AUCKLAND, Saturday: Retired Coromandel dentist Neville Cameron writes (in the Weekend Herald): “Wendy Clark, in her interview (March 7) is totally disingenuous; the only reason she refused to consider a man is feminist solidarity.

“The fact that she talks about gender equality proves this, and will disadvantage her company.

”Selecting by gender loses focus on quality. It appears that she would prefer a mediocre woman to an exceptional man.

“Any person running a business has an obligation to employ the best person for the job, irrespective of sex or sexuality.”

Wendy Clark, of course, is the New York-based global ceo of DDB.

“In this enlightened age, women are driving their stake more firmly into the ground.”

During her Auckland visit earlier this month she shared with Herald Business reporter Damien Venuto her views on the next ceo of DDB North America: “The role has been left open for the right person,” she said. “And that person has to be a woman.”

The NZME interview was subsequently picked up by M+AD Daily.

As for Neville Cameron, we’ve got our fingers Xed we’ve found (in a Web search) the right man. Like, how many Neville Camerons live in Coromandel?

In the web interview (scroll down for the link), he comes across as a thoughtful, well-read man.

At M+AD, we believe it’s hard to argue with the logic of what he says – but in this enlightened age, women are driving their stake more firmly into the ground. We didn’t take Clark’s words literally – we saw it simply as an expression of passion for change.

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