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As brands and agencies gather in New York this week for Advertising Week, Facebook has released new tools to help advertisers capitalise on the shift to mobile “and give people a better ads experience”.

Since February, Facebook has seen 25% growth in the number of active advertisers and now has 2.5 million advertisers using the platform to connect people and businesses. These connections are increasingly happening on mobile and Facebook is working to build the tools advertisers need to reach people on mobile and effectively measure the impact of mobile campaigns.

Here’s an overview of today’s announcements:

  • TRP Buying: Knowing that TV and Facebook complement each other, Facebook is introducing a way for advertisers to buy Facebook video ads by using Target Rating Points (TRPs) as the metric. Marketers can plan a campaign across TV and Facebook with a total TRP target in mind and buy a share of those TRPs directly with Facebook.
  • Brand Awareness Optimisation: A new solution that enables advertisers to maximize and better measure brand awareness generated by Facebook campaigns by optimising reach and attention (time people spend viewing an ad).
  • Mobile Polling: A new partnership with Millward Brown Digital on Brand Lift Insights for Facebook and Instagram allows advertisers to conduct mobile polling, enabling measurement of campaign effectiveness in the same place the campaign’s messages are being delivered. Mobile Polling is now available through both Nielsen and Millward Brown Digital on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Video in the Carousel format: Facebook launched the carousel format last year, giving advertisers more creative capability in News Feed and drive actions like app installs and website visits; Facebook is now announcing the ability to add video to the carousel format.

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