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Getty Images has unveiled its new global selection of highest-quality imagery, Getty Images Prestige, in Auckland today.

The new collection is distinguished by a unique aesthetic approach, exceptional craftsmanship and uncompromising quality, says Getty NZ national account manager Arran Birchenough.

“Getty Images Prestige brings the world’s most powerful images to the most important projects,” Birchenough says.

“Through exceptional, quality imagery, Getty Images Prestige is here to boost brands that are increasingly up against flat advertising mediums, tiny screens and shortened attention spans.”

Getty Images’ creative research team analyses image trends using unique data from the millions of searches and sales carried out each year on These insights are then used to guide what is shot and edited for Getty Images Prestige.

“Selected by in-house professional editors and featuring unique collaborations between award-winning photographers and Getty Images’ international team of art directors, Getty Images Prestige makes the world’s most powerful imagery more accessible than ever, without the costs and risks inherent in a custom photo shoot,” Birchenough said.

“For brands and agencies the prestige collection allows them to choose from our most engaging and exceptional imagery for their visual communication, with the ability to ensure they can use it exclusively for their campaign.

“From a photographer’s perspective Prestige gives photographers providing exceptional engaging imagery the ability for this imagery to be curated and presented in a way that reflects its production quality.”

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