GfK Radio Insights: Kiwis love their radio connection

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New Zealand agencies have a new reason to sell radio. A video, GfK Radio Insights for New Zealand, has been released showing a group of respondents discussing their relationship with radio.

The research, in association with the GfK RBA Radio Audience Measurement which launched earlier this year, is designed to give a “more holistic view of radio listeners and provides rich insights into the power of radio.”

These discussion groups in combination with other collaborative mixed method research, illuminate listeners’ engagement with their radio brand of choice.

Dr Morten Boyer, General Manager of GfK Media, said: “To understand why radio creates a more ‘human’ relationship with its audience, we had to take Radio Insights beyond questionnaires and have an actual conversation. When we did this, people told us how they saw their relationship with radio.”

One of the predominant themes through the video is authenticity, and the personal and individual levels of engagement that radio creates with its listeners.

Quantitative research undertaken alongside the focus groups shows radio rated higher than other traditional media for metrics that reflect that level of personal involvement:

say radio keeps them company

say it is a relaxing companion

say radio makes them feel good

“Engaging with and relating to the personalities on their favourite stations creates a strong bond; three out of four listeners have been loyal to their favourite station for two years or more.

“Radio has extended this interaction beyond broadcast programming: It is 30% more likely to trigger social media interaction compared to other traditional media.”

GfK Radio Insights plays an integral part within the GfK Radio Ratings for New Zealand, either a tailored questionnaire or focus group discussion designed to provide context and additional insights to the New Zealand radio ratings. This edition of the Radio Insights was compiled from an online sample of 400 and two GfK focus groups.

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