Globox lands four digital billboards in Christchurch and turns on Whangarei

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AUCKLAND, Wednesday: Globox has launched five new digital billboards – four in Christchurch and one in Whangarei – bringing their total portfolio in New Zealand to 35.

Globox chief operating officer Sally Nicholson said: “In the South Island, in Hornby and Waltham, our Main South Road location is on one of the main connection roads to State Highway 1 and is nestled in between Riccarton Park racecourse and retail shopping areas bringing a truly large and diverse target audience.

“On Moorhouse Ave, one of Christchurch’s busiest roads, this site captures a massive audience from audiences visiting Lancaster Park, fast food outfits and card yards, as well as central workers and shoppers.

“We are full flight mode.”

“The Whangarei area is sparking interest with advertisers on this brand new structure. Situated on one of Whangarei’s busiest streets with exposure to high traffic flows makes this location the place to advertise and been seen by the outdoor audiences.”

Globox founder Allan Nicholson said: “It has been a busy time at Globox with these five new sites. We have another six coming very shortly and our pipeline is full of projects.

“Our platform is growing across the country and we are full flight mode.”

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