Giganaire #1 as the TVC Top 10 returns

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Today, M+AD is resurrecting the monthly TVC Top 10 chart – a service which died last year with AdMedia.

The TVC Top 10 was – and still is – produced by Colmar Brunton, after surveying 1000 New Zealanders each month. The survey company ( puts the chart together exclusively for M+AD (however, anybody may reproduce all or parts of it without authorisation – but we do ask for a M+AD credit).

Telecom, Pak’n Save and Tasti Bar dominate the May survey, with NZTA’s classic Ghost Chips bringing up the rear. Colmar Brunton conducted the poll online between May 8 and May 15. Respondents were incentivised with Fly Buys reward points, and the poll has a margin of error of +/- 2.6%.


The Top 10

  1. Telecom Giganaire, Saatchi & Saatchi, Curious (director Robin Walters)
  2. Pak ‘n Save Stickmen series, FCB, Waxeye (Paul James/Paul Carter)
  3. Tasti Bar Home Made in NZ, Contagion, Watermark Animation.
  4. Telecom non-specific.
  5. NZTA Everyone Makes Mistakes, Clemenger BBDO, Finch.
  6. NZI Devil’s Chair, Clemenger BBDO.
  7. Stihl Save Flossie, DDB, Robber’s Dog (director Adam Stevens).
  8. Spec Savers non-specific
  9. Spec Savers Postman Pat, Specsavers Creative, Passion Pictures UK.
  10. NZTA Ghost Chips, Clemenger BBDO, The Sweet Shop (Steve Ayson).


Telecom Giganaire – the people said:

“My favourite at the moment because of its catchy song with funny lyrics. Also because the characters in it are normal kiwis that I can relate to.”

“This ad is a bit of a laugh and we watch it for that reason.”

“The tune is catchy and the humour is entertaining and relevant to me.”

“I like it because the tune and lyrics are so catchy.”

“It’s fun, catchy, humorous, and pokes fun at ourselves. It’s very creative and unusual for New Zealand TV.”


Pak’n’Save – the people said:

“It is very clear. The speaking voice of the person talking is precise and to the point.”

“The humour in the ad and the length makes these ads very good, direct and to the point.”

“They are short, simple and funny.”

“I love the Stick Man. It’s a very simple ad but catches your attention with his ever changing antics and he is funny. I live on the opposite side of town but today I went there because of the frugal Friday ad. Very glad I did.”


Tasti Bar – the people said:

“I love this Kiwiana ad’s How Bizarre soundrack.”

“I love the Tasti ad – the music is great, very colourful and to me depicts much of what New Zealand means to me.”

“The colourful, catchy tune – represents New Zealand very well”

“I like the music, and how they say Phar Lap taking a whale for a ride.”

“Kiwiana and funny”

“I love the ad with the whale and Phar Lap the horse for muesli bars … pure Kiwi stuff”


Explanation for the ‘Non Specific’ ads

“You will note that there are two mentions when looking at Telecom and Spec Savers,” says Colmar Brunton ceo Penelope Lim.

“The reason for this is that we ask respondents what their favourite ad is followed by which brand is the ad advertising.

“When preparing the data we code mentions based on mentions of an ad and brands. If there is no mention of a specific ad we cannot assume which ad is in fact their favourite, but we do have a brand name.

“In the case of Telecom this month, we have specific mentions of the Telecom Giganaire Ad, we also have a high number of mentions for ‘Telecom’.

“So their favourite ad is a Telecom one but we cannot surmise from that which ad – for example: Giganaire or the Smartphone ads – which are both on at the moment.

“As a result you will see we have: Telecom Giganaire and Telecom Non Specific. This is also the case for Spec Savers, where there are a number of ads running, such as Postman Pat (which did made the Top 10 in its own right) and Bingo, Rollercoaster etc.”


NZTA Mistakes


NZI Devil’s Chair


Stihl Save Flossie



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