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AUCKLAND, Monday: Orcon has reimagined itself with the future of home connectivity in mind, and has partnered with Gladeye and VMLY&R to bring the ISP designed for a post-Covid world to life. 

CEO Taryn Hamilton says the ISP has scrapped ‘business’ and ‘residential’ distinctions and will instead tailor technical solutions which accurately matches “every customer’s” needs. 

“Connectivity in the home is no longer just about smooth 4K streaming. We know people run business critical applications from their home office, and there’s a need to offer more than just a straight pipe. 

“We saw a real opportunity to create an ISP straddling the reality of a blended world and offering new and innovative solutions to modern internet problems.” 

Hamilton said the new Orcon demanded a creative and digital presence that reflected its new positioning. 

“We wanted something that would speak to the Orcon prosumer – something sophisticated, modern, and world-class, but still reflective of New Zealand. The ‘unstoppable focus’ campaign really delivers on this, and features New Zealand creatives to bring Orcon’s new product suite to life.  

“Our brief to Gladeye was clear: we wanted the world’s best ISP website, and I think they have delivered.”

“The Orcon website has been completely rebuilt. Our brief to our partner Gladeye was clear: we wanted the world’s best ISP website, and I think they have delivered.”

VMLY&R ECD Kim Pick said: “Orcon has always been the telco brand for New Zealand creators, innovators and entrepreneurs – and the tech-savvy who work, play and relax in digital.   

“So to relaunch the brand that champions this creative, innovative community, and helps them reach their vast potential by keeping them connected and in the zone, we created content made by and featuring leading Kiwi creatives.

“VMLY&R worked with renowned New Zealand director Joel Kefali to create the Unstoppable Focus launch campaign via GoodOil, with musician and composer Justyn Pilbrow and the team at Liquid Studios creating the soundtrack and sound design.

“Stu Bedford lead the VFX team. Photographer James K Lowe, together with Troy Goodall and Steve Boniface captured the portraits. Filmed in studio and on location around Auckland, the campaign captures the unstoppable nature of Kiwi creativity powered by Orcon.”

Gladeye ceo Tarver Graham says because Orcon lives in digital, it was crucial the new website brought to life the dynamism and creative individuality of the new brand. “The experience is unlike any ISP in New Zealand.

“Taking cues from premium digital retailers, the homepage instantly springs to life with movement, interactivity and a sense of infinite possibilities.”


Prod Co: GoodOil
Director: Joel Kefali
Producer: Andrew McLean
Editor: Rohan Zerna
VFX : Stu Bedford (The Machine Room)
Music: Justyn Pillbrow
Sound Design: Liquid Studios

Design: Nick Smith (Smith Made)

: Gladeye
Design Director: Rich O’Brien
Head of Design: Guy Trowbridge
Copywriting: Miles Gregory
Project Manager: Monique Oosterbaan
Tech Lead: Ken Vu
Developers: Kate Scherz, Will Hamlin

: Orcon
Chief Executive: Taryn Hamilton
Senior Marketing Manager: Hannah Nelson Parker
Head of Communications: Quentin Reade

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