Global cinema adspend rising fast

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LONDON, Wednesday: Cinema’s share of global adspend is holding steady, while growth is outpacing all other traditional media, according to UK ad site Warc.

The global cinema ad market is expected to be worth US$4.6bn this year, up 6.8% from 2018.

Cinema is the second-fastest growing ad medium, behind internet as a whole, accounting for a 0.7% share of global adspend, having declined only twice since 1980.

“Cinema is the second-fastest growing ad medium, behind the internet as a whole.”

Further, cinema’s 0.7% share of global adspend is expected to hold steady in 2019, making it the only medium other than internet not to lose share. Figures from Warc’s Adspend Database show that cinema’s share of global adspend has dipped only twice since 1980: once in 1994 and again in 2013.

“Data show that growth in cinema ad investment has generally tracked ahead of other traditional media since 1995, and consistently so since 2014,” says the site. “Severe losses in print advertising business skew this comparison to a degree, but the trend is still apparent with print removed.”

This Data Point is drawn from August’s Global Ad Trends report, which focuses on cinema advertising.

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