Future of the Future brings global disruption leaders to NZ 

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High-impact business breakfast Future of the Future is back for a second year in Auckland with a commanding lineup of global visionaries from Google, Airbnb, Netflix and Spotify.

The elite business briefing will take place on Thursday 9 August at the Aotea Centre, and will run alongside Semi-Permanent Auckland to discuss – in a four-hour briefing – design developments to embrace, trends to kick and what businesses need to do to be relevant in decades to come.

Special guests include Spotify vice president of product design Chris Wiggins; Uber vice president of design Michael Gough; Facebook artificial intelligence designer Julia Peter; Netflix director of product design Andrew Law; director of Google Cloud Sara Ortloff Khoury, and Airbnb director of product design Ethan Eismann.

The thought leaders from the world’s most disruptive companies will be joined by NZ business commentator Rod Oram.

As a respected locally based business futurist, Oram will set the scene, interview the speakers and apply outtakes to the New Zealand market.

Future of the Future organiser Simon Velvin is pleased the business briefing has returned. “The 2017 breakfast sold out in a flash and was widely well-received,” he said.

“The success of last year, coupled with our ability to attract the industry’s top players proves this approach will make a palpable difference not just to New Zealand, but to the wider business communities.

“The event takes place at Aotea Centre on Thursday 9 August from 7am-11am.”

“The high-profile America-based speakers will use their vast experience and knowledge to give insight into what the future of business and work holds and how the international heavyweights are preparing.”

Recently appointed Uber vice president of design, Michael Gough, will address the natural ebbs and flows of any business over time. As he begins to redefine Uber’s future through his decisions and actions, Gough emphatically believes the core of designing business is empathy. “That’s the starting point no matter what. That will always be how you address any product challenge,” he says.

Facebook’s Julia Peter can give insight into the future of AI. Using design thinking, she consistently works to understand the influence of these technologies as they develop. With over 10 years of interactive design experience, she aims to ensure a moral and social approach is upheld as advances and integration of AI envelops our culture.

Google Cloud director Sara Ortloff Khoury has dedicated herself to remaining ahead of the curve on the future of workplace, whether using AI to streamline our workloads with digital assistants or questioning what work will be left for humans. Ortloff Khoury’s R&D team works to build empathy into AI and develop products and services to keep businesses thriving.

Self-taught designer Andrew Law heads Netflix’s mobile team. With more people consuming media on their phones and laptops, Law uses big data to drive innovations and product decisions that affect what, and how, we watch what we do.

Future of the Future is organised by Simon Velvin of Semi-Permanent in partnership with Alt Group directors Dean Poole and Ben Corban.

The event takes place at Aotea Centre on Thursday 9 August from 7am-11am. It’s open to individuals, teams, departments and companies. Limited tickets are on sale from 26 April and priced from $350.

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