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WELLINGTON, Today: News tracking firm Fuseworks Media (bases in Wellington, Hawkes Bay & Auckland) has forged a partnership with Sydney-based Truescope founder John Croll to tackle what they’re calling “communicators’ biggest problem” – identifying what matters, and how much it matters.

“If you’ve seen news analysis reports from traditional providers in the last few years, you’ll know that they have become a bit of a joke, as online and social became the dominant part of what needs to be reported on,” says Fuseworks commercial lead Kirsty Harman.

“Metrics like ad value equivalence and even reach have become largely meaningless, as the way people consume news has changed, and independently verifiable and granular audience data has failed to make the jump from print and broadcast, to now dominant digital channels.

“We knew we needed to rethink the problem from the ground up –  and that’s now happening, with the help of the new partnership.

Truescope ceo/co-founder John Croll has joined the Fuseworks board, and the two companies are working together to deliver the next generation of news analysis tools to the New Zealand market.

Harman said (in a release): “John and business partner Michael Bade share Fuseworks’ vision for how news analysis needs to evolve to better help organisations identify what matters, how much it matters – and critically be able to see these insights in real-time, as stories are unfolding.

“Our partnership aims to deliver a ground-up rethink of analysis tools available in NZ.”

“The new toolset for New Zealand’s State sector, advocacy and corporate organisations is powered by bespoke machine learning – and a long-term collaboration with customers to understand what insights drive genuine value.

“Fuseworks has always been customer-led and focused on providing the leading ‘it just works’ solution for communicators.

“From working closely with John, Michael and the wider Truescope team, it is crystal clear that they have the same goals and approach. Up to now news analysis hasn’t had a ‘it just works’ solution for all channels. That’s about to change”.

Fuseworks will begin introducing the new toolset to its customers in the coming months.

About Fuseworks
Fuseworks is a leading provider of media tracking to Kiwi organisations. Since its establishment in 2010, many of NZ’s top State sector, advocacy and corporate organisations have joined us in our mission to create the next generation of digitally focused real-time news tools.

About John Croll
Croll is ceo and co-founder of Truescope. He is also the chairman of Disability Sports Australia. Prior to founding Truescope, he was ceo of Media Monitors / Isentia and led that company’s international expansion and 2014 listing on the ASX.

About Truescope
Truescope was founded to better inform communications. Our people and technology deliver real-time, actionable media intelligence and information to clients across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

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