Global mobile ad inventory rising fast

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Ad inventory value on both mobile app and mobile web has increased substantially, with CPMs on mobile app up 67% and on mobile web up 57% year-by-year, according to a new report out of PubMatic, a Californian company that supplies automation software to publishers.

The quarterly report, which analysed billions of daily impressions from Q1 2016 operational data, as a whole found five key trends in global mobile advertising for the first quarter:

  1. Android app inventory value was up nearly 150% year-on-year, as advertisers targeted the majority of global mobile consumers.
  2. For premium publishers, mobile web represented the majority of mobile traffic and inventory, and a significant monetisation opportunity.
  3. Average mobile CPMs in the Americas and the EMEA region grew 30% and 64% respectively, demonstrating increasing quality of mobile inventory on a global level.
  4. Major sporting events attracted significant spending in mobile private marketplaces, driving PMP volume in the sports category over 1000% YOY.
  5. Programmatic is improving mobile CPMs, driving broader mobile advertising growth.

“As premium publishers seek new ways to monetise their mobile ad inventory and advertisers continue to shift their focus to reaching consumers in high-quality, mobile environments, both parties need to understand the broader, macroeconomic trends in mobile advertising in order to develop mobile-specific strategies and stay ahead in the increasingly competitive media environment,” the report says.

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