TimeZoneOne promotes key NZ talent

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CHRISTCHURCH, Thursday: The New Zealand branch of multinational agency TimeZoneOne has announced the internal promotion of two key leadership positions “to align our people with our ever-changing business scopes”.

TimeZoneOne has offices in USA, Canada, and Christchurch.

Chicago-based ceo Daniel Thomas said: “Our people are our greatest asset, so I take great pleasure in recognising their achievements and celebrating their successes.

Cameron Taylor is promoted to senior content manager after almost a year at TimeZoneOne, where he’s used his varied brand positioning skills to wow clients at both TZO and our partner agency Schafer Condon Carter [Chicago].

“He will play a key role in growing our content business in the coming year and strengthening our storytelling across all of our clients’ brands.”

Chrystle Wellburn has proven to be a digital marketing powerhouse and a vital resource for our clients and agency.

“In the short year she has been with us, she has taken her organic and paid responsibilities to new levels, and clients are loving her energy. A well-deserved promotion to digital marketing specialist.”

“The recent acquisition of Kitchen Sink Creative agency in Phoenix, Arizona, has opened up opportunities for our TZO teams in both Christchurch and Chicago.”

Cameron Taylor said: “Personally, I’m at home in the world of strategy and content marketing. Chrystle is all about digital marketing, creating effective social campaigns and tracking all the data and conversions you could want to know about.

“Chrystle and I are both based in the Christchurch office, part of a team of about 20 people.

“TZO has a number of New Zealand-based clients, plus our HQ is in Chicago. TZO is also partnered with Chicago-based agency Schafer Condon Carter, so we work on a number of American projects too.

Daniel Thomas: “SCC’s recent acquisition of Kitchen Sink Creative agency in Phoenix, Arizona, has opened up new opportunities for our TZO teams in both Christchurch and Chicago.

“I know both Chrystle and Cameron will be a critical part of making these opportunities happen for TimeZoneOne moving forward.”

About TimeZoneOne
TZO is a community of strategists, storytellers and creators. A global agency with an un-agency approach. From retail and CPG to tourism, sports, education and membership marketing, our team has vast experience creating inspiring work across a variety of industries.

Born in New Zealand in 1994, TimeZoneOne has previously won an Effie in NZ.

About Schafer Condon Carter
SCC is an independent creative agency that serves a diverse roster of AOR clients including Kellogg’s, Procter & Gamble, Casey’s General Stores, and USA Today. SCC employs 140 professionals across its network.

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