Globox marketing takes a leap

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HAMILTON, Today: The Waikato-based Globox digital out-of-home network has promoted digital marketing director Kelly Walsh to marketing director.

Globox COO Sally Nicholson said: “Kelly has been part of the team for nine months and has seen her role evolve with the growth of the business.

“Her role began with her wearing a range of hats from scheduling to social media management to design to admin.

“With the team expanding, this has allowed Kelly to put a much stronger focus on the marketing aspect of her role.”

Walsh said: “I have seen the team expand from three people to nine during my time.

“Our digital billboard portfolio will increase by 16 screens over the next few months.”

“Our team culture has evolved into being something pretty amazing too. From our TikTok content days, to our brainstorming meetings, to the good laughs we have in the office, we have created a pretty special work environment.”

“Our social media following and engagement has increased dramatically over the last few months and with this, we have seen an increase in customer demand which is extremely rewarding. It’s the best feeling knowing your hard work is paying off.”

Sally Nicholson: “Globox now has a fulltime in-house graphic designer, Monique Paul, who is able to bring Kelly’s ideas to life which has been a game-changer.

“Our digital billboard portfolio will increase by 16 screens over the next few months, and their network is only going to keep expanding.

“Very soon Globox will have a nationwide spread, and with this growth Kelly will see her role evolve dramatically.”

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