Globox welcomes experienced commercial manager

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HAMILTON, Thursday: Out-of-home provider Globox Digital Billboards has welcomed a new addition to their land acquisition team – Scott Williams.

Globox ceo Allan Nicholson said: “This decision was a necessary move in order to keep up with customer demand.

“Our current billboard network is almost at full capacity so it was vital that we onboarded an experienced commercial manager who can locate sites at speed.

“We must continue to expand our network in order to satisfy our clients needs.

“He knows exactly where to source prime locations and knows how to approach landowners – a pivotal element of the process.”

“Scott’s role involves sourcing top sites nationwide to install our state-of-the-art digital billboards.

“His primary role is land acquisition – approaching landowners and finding top sites nationwide.”

Nicholson: “Scott’s extensive real-estate background makes him the perfect fit for the role.

“He is well versed in property and sales so he not only knows exactly where to look to source prime billboard locations but he also knows how to approach landowners which is a pivotal element of the land acquisition process.

Scott Williams said: “It is so refreshing being part of a team of people that are all on the same page, heading in the same direction, and are supportive and encouraging.

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