Gone Fishin’?

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AUCKLAND, Today: M+AD asked dentsu NZ GM Luke Farmer (who yesterday announced he was leaving the agency shortly) what his plans are for the future.

Farmer (“One of the pillars of our senior staff,” said dentsu CD Brad Stratton recently) responded: “I’m currently weighing up the next move – be it fishing, farming, tech or the advertising industries.

“Nothing locked in yet – and happy for offers.”

“All these are currently on the table for consideration. But nothing locked in yet and happy for more offers.”

“I wish the team at dentsu all the best and am excited to see the business succeed long into the future.

“I had actually hoped the last month would be filled with lunches however it was not to be, but don’t worry Nicholas Gallagher I’m sure Rob Harvey will put a healthy tab behind the bar in due course so we can do this properly.”

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