Google taps MBM

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SYDNEY, Tuesday: NZ media agency MBM has been awarded Performance Agency of the year for 2019 (tied with Australia’s Resolution Media), in Google’s prestigious Partners Honours programme. MBM also scored two agency awards.

The awards cover both New Zealand and Australia, and recognise the achievements of the best performance marketing agencies and providers across six categories for individuals and agencies, awarded quarterly, with agency awards contributing to an Agency of the Year award.

In addition to media, data and analytics services, MBM NZ provides performance marketing excellence to both New Zealand and international businesses.

“This win cements our partnership with Google.”

MBM were shortlisted for nine Individual and Agency awards in Q4, plus, were among eight finalists for Agency of the Year and had two individual finalists for All Star of the Year.

Overall for 2019, MBM was a finalist 24 times (out of a reported 550 submissions) and won two of 32 individual awards, and four of the 18 agency awards.

Managing partner Alysha Delany said: “This highlights our success at both an individual and agency level, cements our partnership with Google, and demonstrates the importance of this partnership to drive positive outcomes for our clients.”

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