Graham Norton and Invivo uncork winemaking secrets in new campaign

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AUCKLAND, Today: Graham Norton and Invivo are treating fans to exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of their highly anticipated 2024 vintage New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

They recently gathered in New York for their annual tasting and blending session, an event Graham eagerly anticipates each year.

Meeting at 1 Hotel Central Park in Manhattan, Graham, based in London, joined Tim and Rob from New Zealand. Together, they perfected their 2024 ‘GN’ New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc over a meticulous three-hour tasting session, enjoying stunning views of Central Park and the New York skyline.

This global digital campaign highlights the genuine, long-term partnership between Graham and Invivo, making the winemaking process open and accessible to wine drinkers. Rachael Everitt, Global Head of Marketing at Invivo, says: “At Invivo, we’re dedicated to making great quality wine that’s seriously fun. Wine doesn’t have to be stuffy and inaccessible.

“Filming our annual blending session with Graham and sharing it with the world is crucial to our mission of making wine accessible. It shows just how hands-on Graham is and demystifies the winemaking process for those who may be intimidated by it.”

“Filming our annual blending session with Graham and sharing it with the world is crucial to our mission of making wine accessible.” – Rachael Everitt

Graham Norton, chat show host, wine blender, and author, says: “Our annual blending session is a special time for us as it’s a celebration of another year of hard work by the Invivo winery team, and we always have great fun together.

“Tim and Rob brought some outstanding Sauvignon Blanc samples from their vineyards in New Zealand to taste. I’m particular about my wines, so their quality and origin are very important to me. Enjoying a chilled glass of our final delicious blend in the sun and overlooking the New York skyline was a memorable moment for me!”

Tim Lightbourne and Rob Cameron, Invivo Cofounders, said: “We’re proud to be launching the eleventh vintage of Graham’s New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, which is testament to Graham’s commitment to creating the perfect wine year after year.

“His hands-on involvement ensures authenticity in every bottle. Delivering quality wine that can be enjoyed by everyone continues to be our top priority and we’re excited for customers to get their hands on the 2024 vintage – it’s of exceptional quality this year!”

The 2024 vintage of GN New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc bursts with tropical and citrus flavours. It boasts excellent acidity, delivering a crisp and refreshing finish.

Invivo and Graham have been crafting exceptional wine together for eleven years. The ‘GN’ wine range now includes ten wines and spirits, available across New Zealand and in nine other countries around the world.

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