Gratuitous violence graces Andy Awards entry call

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The New York-based Andy Awards, which honour global creativity in advertising, have issued their entry call for 2017. The entry deadline is Friday 12 January.

“Great ideas are killed every day,” the entry document proclaims. “The 2017 Andy jury will stop at nothing to save them.”

And if you’ve ever had an idea die an unnecessary death, the 2017 Andy call for entries video is a must watch (that’s it, at the top of the page).

The humorous, animated campaign, out of Deutsch’s New York office, mocks the stereotypical PSA-style campaign with an industry twist; “because while we support fighting to save the whales, the Andy Awards Jury is fighting to save great ideas while highlighting the show’s mission to raise the standard of craftsmanship, and as the first show of the season, setting the tone for the industry”.

But it wouldn’t be a mock PSA without gratuitous violence. In the first of three films animated by South Korean company Superfiction, we see a creative director trying to kill an idea unnecessarily – that’s when Andy jury member and Burger King SVP of global brand management, Fernando Machado, steps in to save it in the nick of time, by ending the creative director’s life with his bare hands.

Gina Grillo, president and CEO of The Advertising Club of New York and International Andy Awards said: “It takes a lot to get a great idea through the advertising gauntlet. At its core, this campaign is about everyone in our industry – clients, creatives, lawyers, etc – collaborating to be brave and stand up for creativity. Our hope is creative types everywhere will live vicariously through these scenarios and vow to fight harder for the ideas they believe in.”

Pete Favat, 2017 chairman of the Andy Awards and CCO of Deutsch North America said: “Experiencing the death of a brave idea is gut wrenching, but we’ve all been through it. Sadly, some people get used to it. Unfortunately, provocative ideas die in quiet, private places with no one watching.  We want to expose the sometimes ridiculous reasons why these ideas die every day and hopefully put a stop to it. Maybe people will use these short films to help stop the insanity and produce braver work.”

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