Greenpeace France’s no-moralising Xmas message

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PARIS, Today: Greenpeace France’s new Christmas ad is cute beyond words – but has a kick in its tail. The Handmade Gift uses stop-motion animation to communicate an emotional story, which incorporates an important message about pollution.

A first viewing seemingly shows a little girl concerned about keeping her teddy bear protected from the cold but the end reveals a different story. This little girl is trying to protect her bear from something so dangerous we have no effective protection: air pollution.

Handmade Gift is the first time the NGO and its agency, 84.Paris, who have been working together for five years, have addressed this cause and the goal was to convey a message about a problem that concerns us all, without taking on an-overly moralising tone.

Produced by Passion Animation Studios in London, and directed by the Swedish Anna Mantzaris, graduate of the Royal College of Art, Handmade Gift uses stop motion animation to convey the story. The film’s production required over 80 hours of shooting on three sets simultaneously, using handmade puppets and props.

“Stop motion has an almost magical dimension. It brings a resolutely enchanting result that arouses curiosity and touches the audience.”

84.Paris CDs Olivier & Hervé Bienaimé said: “With this film, we wanted to write a story that respects the spirit and codes of Christmas stories while integrating a message of awareness, which people must own up to, without adopting a moralising discourse.

“This Christmas story offers a double reading: at first, it seems touching and positive, and seems to be about protecting ourselves against cold temperature. But the shock at the end reveals a more dire problem.

Director Anna Mantzaris said: “Stop motion has an almost magical dimension. We have the possibility of bringing characters and objects to life on screen, and the stories that can be told are limitless. It is a very meticulous process but which brings a resolutely enchanting result that arouses curiosity and touches the audience.”

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About 84.Paris
84.Paris is an independent advertising agency that helps brands communicate with new generations. The agency, which counts a team of 35, has received several Cannes Lions (including the 2016 Digital Craft Grand Prix) and works with Ubisoft, Facebook, Google, Louis Vuitton, BMW, Nokia, Diesel, Comme des Garçons, Greenpeace and Action Against Hunger.

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