Gregor Shoots Trump

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AUCKLAND, Today: Flying Fish director Gregor Nicholas – a legendary exponent of film and tvc – has teamed up with NZ rock band Capital Theatre to create a satirical music video that takes on the current volatile climate in the USA.

Released last week on the eve of the US election, Force To Fight features a boxing ring which becomes a metaphor for a nation convulsed by division, its factions encouraged by their former leader to meet violence with violence.

In the video, a Trump-like figure presides over a series of fights between a few of America’s classic archetypes. 

“Capital Theatre spent the past six months recording their debut album with Guns N’ Roses producer Mike Clink.”

The alt-right meme Pepe the Frog confronts a feminist Antifa activist. The Trump figure fuels the conflict, building the tension to the main event: a BLM activist versus a Proud Boy white supremacist.

The powerful film reaches an unexpected turn of events, when fighters ‘stand down’ and embrace.

The band and Nicholas spent the past six months recording the debut album with Guns N’ Roses producer Mike Clink, and have just released the Force To Fight single digitally .

They aim to use the Nicholas video widely at every opportunity.


Director: Gregor Nicholas
Producer: Blaine Stevenson
EP: James Moore
Production Company: Fish&Clips
DP: Clayton Carpinter
Editor: Alex O’Shaughnessy
Post Production: Mandy VFX
VFX: Anita Ward
Music: Written and performed by Capital Theatre
Music Producer: Mike Clink

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