Fizzypop & MFST take Pellet grills to the beach

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NAPIER, Today: Hawkes Bay digital agency FizzyPop – with content creator MSFT Productions (also based in the Bay) – have created a influencer campaign for NZ online pellet grill store Pellet.

MSFT will use their content positioning and reach to bring Pellet Hub and the Green Mountain Grills Trek barbecue to an audience of Kiwi surfers, moto fans and froth enthusiasts – with data, insight and analysis provided by FizzyPop.

Pellet Hub is a specialist retailer of pellet grills which include the innovative WiFi-enabled smart grills from GMG. Pellet grills now accounts for 78% of all sales in the Outdoor Grills & Smokers category; with the sector forecasted to experience 14% YoY growth with global sales exceeding US$6.2 billion in 2023.

The partnership features leading mental health campaign, extreme sports athlete and MSFT productions’ Jack Jensen positioning the new GMG Trek portable pellet grill at the heart of the grommets’ mission, as they chase surf, skate, moto and music to Raglan in a domestic adventure – predicted to reach 85,000 Kiwi males aged 18-24 through platforms including TikTok and Instagram.

“It’s incredibly exciting. We can reach a New Zealand audience that traditional media channels simply can’t.”

FizzyPop MD Tom Young said: “It’s incredibly exciting. We can reach a New Zealand audience that traditional media channels simply can’t and our audience is perfect for a brand like Pellet Hub.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to demonstrate how real-time analytics can be used in an influencer marketing campaign.

“We can measure how the content is being received and provide feedback to all parties. We remove the risk that can be associated with influencer campaigns, and working with MSFT Productions means that we know the content is going to be superb and we’re engaging with exactly the right audience.”

Pellet Hub director Ric Chalmers said: “We’re stoked to working with MSFT Productions and FizzyPop.

“We’ve been impressed with the work that Jack has been doing for a while and with FizzyPop we know that we have the numbers to back it up –  it’s exciting times ahead!”

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