JCDecaux NZ unveils ‘groundbreaking’ research on reaching Gen Z

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AUCKLAND, Today: JCDecaux New Zealand has released its latest research report, Gen Z: The In Real Life Opportunity, a comprehensive study that provides NZ brands and marketers with insights into effectively connecting with the increasingly influential Gen Z consumer segment.

With a population of 648,000, Gen Z constitutes 15% percent of New Zealand’s population (648,000 people), making them a significant demographic for businesses to understand and engage with.

JCDecaux NZ surveyed 200+ Gen Z individuals in urban areas during May 2023. The report found …

  • 64% of Gen Zs connect in real life and 62% in digital worlds
  • 67% say they notice advertising in the real world
  • 74% agree brands should use more Out-of-Home advertising to engage them
  • 80% believe their generation embraces cultural diversity, enabling them to take pride in their cultural identity
  • 84% believe they have the power to improve human impact on the environment
  • 62% believe Gen Z can change society for the better.

JCD NZ country head Mike Watkins said: “The report’s findings highlight a crucial discovery: despite being digital natives, Gen Z also craves ‘in real world’ experiences that brands can offer.

“They are as connected to real-world communities as they are to digital ones. It is evident that their existence and identities possess a duality, where digital lives do not overshadow their real lives.

“An astonishing 80% of respondents believe their generation embraces cultural diversity, allowing them to take pride in their cultural identity.”

“Having grown up immersed in the online realm, Gen Z is acutely aware of the limitations of virtual engagement and actively seeks and embraces authentic real-life experiences. Out-of-home advertising provides brands with a big, bold, flexible, and contextual voice in the real world, making it a vital channel to reach this influential demographic.”

“The report reveals that Gen Z demonstrates an optimistic outlook on the future, their ability to drive change, and the uniqueness of their own identities. This generation celebrates diversity and individuality fearlessly.

“An astonishing 80% of respondents believe their generation embraces cultural diversity, allowing them to take pride in their cultural identity.

“As a result, Gen Z exhibits diverse interests and actively engages with a wide range of brands. Notably, 76% state that the brands they interact with are diverse and unique from one another. Brand values play a significant role in their decision-making, as 65% of Gen Z consumers are willing to pay more for brands that align with their personal values.”

JCD NZ senior insights & strategy specialist Victoria Parsons underscored the importance of matching Gen Z’s values and capturing their attention in the real world.

“The research shows that NZ’s Gen Z demographic embraces cultural diversity and urges businesses to drive meaningful societal change,” she said. “Brands and marketers must find ways to align with Gen Z’s values and captivate their attention in their increasingly ‘In Real Life’ world to achieve long-term success.”

Generation Z
Gen Z is defined as anyone born between 1997-2012. They are pre-teen to mid-20s and represent 15% of New Zealand’s population and two billion of the global population. The companion Gen Z: The IRL Opportunity was commissioned by JCDecaux Australia and written by strategic foresight consultancy The Future Laboratory.

About JCD
JCDecaux is a global out-of-home media company, with 1 million advertising panels in 80 countries and 13,000 employees. Incorporated in 1964 in France, JCDecaux was listed on the Paris Stock Exchange in 2001. Its Australian and New Zealand businesses include 40,000 assets spanning airports, rail, transit, static and digital billboards.

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