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AUCKLAND, Today: Alexander PR has released a Covid-19 guide for businesses – written by the agency’s entire staff. The authors were steered by agency Issues and Crisis PR legal consultant Kate Alexander, who said they’d been “inundated with calls for help”.

She wrote: “We’ve released a free guide to help leaders emerge from the lockdown with optimism as soon as we receive the green light by our political leaders, ready to put their best foot forward as a business.

“Working with our clients over the past few weeks, we’ve been impressed by the strength, adaptability and resilience being shown by so many companies and leaders across many sectors.

“There’s a thread of tenacity running through our business culture and shared enterprises and relationships that makes us sure we can all come through this time – and we’d like to offer our learnings from past crises to help in that process.”

“We’ve been impressed by the strength and resilience shown by so many companies.”

The guide covers:

  • The difference between an issue and a crisis
  • The 7 steps to prepare for an issue or crisis
  • Instructions for leaders when a crisis hits
  • Brief tips on dealing with an unfolding crisis
  • Media conventions

“For those short on time, we’ve also summarised the 10 things to keep on mind if you’re dealing with a crisis or issue situation …

  1. Take responsibility
  2. Be proactive, transparent and accountable
  3. Be ready for social media backlash
  4. First apologise, then take action
  5. Monitor, plan and communicate
  6. Try to understand the facts first
  7. Listen to your team before taking action
  8. Remember to be human and focus on a strong organisational culture
  9. Avoid hot-headed reactions
  10. Be prepared

“We hope you find the guide a valuable resource for your readers, so they can use the tools at hand to emerge from the current challenges.”

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