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AUCKLAND, Thursday: Stanley St CCO Regan Grafton has confirmed that the unexpected resignations of ECDs Lisa Fedyszyn & Jonathan McMahon came amidst expressions of mutual goodwill.

M+AD says: All the parties did themselves proud with their mature handling of what could easily have been an awkward situation.

Grafton said: “After two years of spectacular work our super talented ECD team have decided to make a move.”

“When I worked with Lisa and Jonno back at DDB, I always admired how passionate and committed they were to their craft. So when I heard that they were coming back from Droga 5 New York I jumped at the chance to work with them again. 

“There’s been no word on their future plans from Fedyszyn or McMahon.”

“During their time at Ogilvy/Stanley St, Lisa and Jonno have made a huge impact on our work and agency profile. Their work has brought in Gold Effies every year, the Grand Axis, Media gold, Cannes Lions and numerous other international awards.

“We would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication they have applied to their work whilst with us.”

There’s been no word on their future plans from Fedyszyn or McMahon.

The replacements
In yesterday’s report, M+AD mistakenly quoted an agency spokesperson as saying it would “recruit replacements immediately”. While replacements do seem inevitable, the agency challenged our use of the word “immediate”.

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