Happy Days

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AUCKLAND, Wednesday: Creative software provider Streamtime and design platform teaching provider Design Assembly have launched a hybrid online course for agency owners.

Titled Stronger, Better, Happier, the program helps agency chiefs to assess their business and map out a future aimed at making their business “happier, stronger and healthier”.

Design Assembly founder Louise Kellerman said: “Delivered online and through a series of one-to-ones, leaders can complete the six learning/working modules at their own pace. They’ll also have access to the rest of the community participating in the course with a chance to share ideas and experiences.

“After the events of 2020 we designed this course to give creative business owners a chance to take a breath and spend some time working on their business and not just in it.

“The six modules cover topics such as how to perform your own DIY business health check and how to reflect on your own happiness and fulfilment that you’re experiencing as a business owner or leader.

“This is a chance to step back and reflect. Maybe everything is pretty good … or maybe this is the beginning of a different path.”

“Further into the course, the modules move from reflection to creation, guiding participants through a process of reimagining their business and how to deliver greater business strength and personal happiness for them and their teams.”

Andy Wright said: “So much can change from what you first imagined a business can be to the reality of just doing whatever it takes to start and keep a business up and running.

“This is a great chance to take a step back and reflect. Maybe everything is pretty good and you just end up tweaking and focusing … or maybe this is the beginning of a completely different path.”

Wright & Kellerman have experience working with and in many different creative businesses across Australia and New Zealand, and running creative events, podcasts and panels.

About Streamtime
Streamtime helps grow healthier, creative businesses. Its project management software helps your team track time without timesheets, quote and invoice jobs, and schedule your team.

About Design Assembly
Established in 2009, Design Assembly provides a collaborative digital and physical platform for NZ designers to learn, keep up-to-date and be inspired.

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