Hauraki hands out the silent treatment (updated)

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AUCKLAND, Today: Radio Hauraki – NZ’s No 2 music station with males – is counting down for its No Talk Day this Friday, which aims to shine a light on men’s mental health.

And they’re released a very droll – and super-inexpensive – Facebook video (above) to promote it.

Radio Hauraki content director Mike Lane says the message can also be used by anyone to lift their own mental wellbeing and support those they care about.

“Talking – it’s what radio announcers do for a living,” he said. “But this Friday our team of talkers will shut up, and go silent for the day to encourage others to make a noise about mental illness.”

“No Talk Day is a collaboration with Triple M Australia.”

NTD is a collaboration with Triple M Australia, which runs a similar event, and a joint initiative with Movember Foundation NZ.

It will see Hauraki removing all ads, announcers, traffic, weather and news from 6am to 6pm on the day, to symbolically create space for listeners to talk.

Other NZME brands including the New Zealand Herald, which launched its award-winning Break The Silence investigative series in 2017, will be supporting the initiative on Friday.

While Radio Hauraki’s audience is predominantly male and suicide statistics reveal a high proportion of men take their own lives (of the 668 Kiwis who took their lives last year, 475 were men), the Hauraki team stress that mental ill-health “does not recognise gender or race”.

The campaign was created in-house at NZME, based on creative produced by Triple M


Video producer: Chris Campbell
Editor: Ben Fowler
Artwork: Sarah Swanton, Senior Designer
Promotion: The NZME Marketing team

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